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American Cowboy

Lone Tree Antiques has specialized in the Antiques of the American Cowboy for more than 20 years. We are experienced in material that reflects the Cowboy's life and work from the Period of the Missions in California and Texas up to the Cowboy of the 20th Century. We are always searching for quality Spurs, Chaps, Hats, Boots, Belts, Gun Leather, Clothing, Saddles, Bridles, Photographs and Paintings of the American Cowgirl and Cowboy, Rare Bits and so on. We do not keep a large inventory in stock but usually have several quality items that are available for sale. As you know good old American Cowboy material is difficult to find so, please, let us know what your interests are and with luck we will be able to find you that special piece of Cowboy History for your house, project or collection.


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